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The main building of the PARK Hotel NAPOLEONE, an amazing Liberty Style villa building at the rend of the 19th century is opera of the Florentine architect Coppedč (as the Roman suburb of the same name) and constitutes one of the best examples of the masters genius expression.

Originaly the building was a residence ao an aristocratic Roman family, becomes headquarters of the German army on the island of Elba in World War II, and only in a recent times transformed into a hotel.
The transformation took place keeping in mind modern comfort respčecting the atmosfere of the buildings history through a wise choise of furnishings.
A secondary building has been built within the hotel complex comprising of 16 rooms each withbathroom decorated interiorly identically to the rooms of the main villa.
Adjacent to the dependance there is the private church of San Martino, built on the remains of an antique Pisan fortress dating 1193-1354 where the stones of the walls can still be seen surrounding the building.
Surrounding the hotel is an immense National Park, 85 acres of unspoiled woods and Mediterranean, with views, colors and landscapes of a shocking beauty.

Hotel guests will also enjoy the most beautiful private beach in the Gulf of Elba Island – La Biodola.
The Park Hotel Napoleon, with its central location near the home of Napoleon, is a convenient starting point for excursions throughout the Island of Elba and is ideal for a break in a tour of the Tuscan cities of art.

The spa, Elixir of Napoleon, the diving school, Star in Blue, Shiatsu Master and the agreement with the nearby Terme di San Giovanni, round off your stay on Elba Island.